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Yeah’ Smokette!

30 May

On.  My.  Wish list.

Cookshack Smokette Original.

I can smell them pork bellies from here.


Ouch, at $600+ it’s not cheap though.

How about a reasonable alternative?  Sure, this combo water smoker by Meco looks damn interesting, and at under a single Benjamin it’s even affordable.

It smokes water?

We’ll try and get our hands on one and road test it.  Water smoker you ask?  Well, it boils water using one heating element to create steam in the cooking cavity, and uses a separate heating element to smolder the wood chips and make smoke.  It’s a well-thought out approach and should result in tasty smoked meats.

But wow that Cookshack looks great!



Gearing Up for Memorial Day, Pt I

23 May

We can’t get enough of Serious Eats lately, they’ve really settled into a great groove.  I’ve been digging deep, looking for forgotten recipes and old classics.  Like this one.  Look at this gorgeous bird.

Tasty poultry from the grill.

Also a nice write-up on excellent and inexpensive cuts of meat for the grill.

While the photo below shows some winners, including the skirt, hanger and flap steaks, as well as short ribs and the grand daddy West Coast cut called the Tri-Tip.  I think they left out the flat-iron though, which is also a pretty fantastic (and cheap) cut for the grill.  I made some recently in the Korean kalbi style with brown sugar, soy, ginger and green onions.  Yup.  Delicious.

Hungry now indeed....


What are you going to cut all this delectable meat with anyway?  Well, the knives shown in the Serious Eats series above are all from Korin, one of the best Japanese knife shops in the country, but here’s another option:  Ginga Trading.  However, if all of that is just a bit out of your price range…the Victorinox Fibrox series is an exceptional value for butchering knives, especially the flexible boning knife.  I’ve always appreciated the grippy handles and sanitary construction.

Now go get grilling!!


Mobile Pizza Oven Gone Crazy

30 Mar

Jon Darsky, nee of Flour + Water fame, is seemingly close to opening what should be a rather compelling mobile food truck.  Not just any mobile food truck, but one slinging handmade pizzas cooked in a wood fired Stefano Ferrara pizza oven.  From Naples.  Built into a shipping container and replete with wood storage and the capability to mix doughs on board, this bad ass hack should be seen roaming the streets of America any day now.  Or at least the streets of downtown San Francisco.  Too bad Grill Hacks doesn’t live there.


Kinda’ hard to see in there, but here’s a sneaky shot Grill Hacks was able to acquire from very secret sources.

Del Popolo, of the people, here’s to you.  Well done, well done indeed.

[Edit 4/23:  GrillHacks just heard from Jon Darsky, excitedly informing us that Del Popolo is rolling as of 4/30 and oh, by the way....half of that shit in the truck is Patent Pending, so don't even go there!  Keep it real JD, and good luck.]

The Vietnamese Grill

30 Sep

Over at Serious Eats, they’re grilling up steak banh mi. The banh mi, or Vietnamese sub, is my desert-island food. Hungry now.



Some Simple Advice From a Grillhacker…

1 Jul

And if I have something like skin on chicken, I would leave the meat uncovered in the fridge over night, with the skin exposed so that it dries out, almost with a translucent, leathery texture. That chicken will crisp up beautifully on the grill and won’t stick.  - Maxime Bilet

Photo: Ryan Matthew Smith, Modernist Cuisine


Hat tip to GrubStreetNY for the recently posted interview with Maxime Bilet.  Maxime was one of the test chefs instrumental in creating Modernist Cuisine, Nathan Mhyrvold’s massive tome on the science of everyday – and not so everyday – cooking.  While we may not have shelled out the Benjamins here at Grillhacks, we’ve certainly seen it – amazing pictures, kind of boring reading at parts, and tons of phenomenal cooking tips and advice involving everything from meat selection to meat glue.

Maybe your library was kind enough to purchase the book for its reference section.